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Why Do So Many Students Get Poor Grades?

And Why Does Nothing Seem to Help?

Most parents and teachers believe that the root of a student's poor grades is laziness. To them, if a student has the discipline to study more, he would achieve better results.

In an attempt to fix this, teachers send their students for remedial classes and parents send their children for tuition. Yet, even with increased "discipline", still only a mere fraction of students achieve academic success, and the same problem that plagues so many students remains prevalent today.

How then can this issue of so-called laziness be fixed? In our efforts to find a solution, we found that most "lazy" students weren't actually lazy, but were having difficulties learning and studying.

How can a ‘lazy’ student with terrible results still catch up and ace his exams?

The Ideas Ink system began with us first throwing away everything we thought we knew about teaching students.

Instead of forcing lazy students to overcome their problems by being "more disciplined", we worked closely with them to properly understand the difficulties they were facing.

This revealed to us an entire vicious cycle of frustration that many students were facing that was ignored by parents and teachers. In fact, their attempts to "discipline" a student often made the situation worse.

From this perspective, we developed a new teaching system from the ground up, and the results spoke for themselves: Almost every student that entered our doors and experienced the system had his "laziness" and "discipline" issues effortlessly vanish, and his grades boosted to new heights.

“Instead of forcing lazy students to overcome their problems by being ‘more disciplined’, we worked closely with them to properly understand the difficulties they were facing.”

- Pek Kim Beng
Director, IIS

The 6 Biggest Problems That Students Face

and How Ideas Ink School Fixes Them


"Lessons in school are boring."

Many students feel that school lessons are boring, that they do not bear any useful relationship to confronting their goals, dreams, problems, and challenges in life outside class. This makes it difficult for them to pay attention in class, or to remember anything that they've learnt.

Our solution:

At Ideas Ink, our teachers are not just hired for their qualifications, but for their personalities and their ability to connect with students.

Every lesson is conducted in a fun and engaging way, and subjects are taught as analogies that directly relate to a student's everyday life. This familiarity gives students a natural interest in the concepts taught, and allows abstract concepts to be easily understood and remembered.

As a result, none of our students have difficulties paying attention in class or retaining what they've learnt. Instead our students find classes fun and look forward to attending them, even during the school holidays.

"School doesn't teach us the way exams test us."

As school is tasked with the introducing subjects and new ideas to students from scratch, it often begins with teaching a subject in a more holistic and generalized manner. This necessary but time consuming approach often leaves schools with very little time to directly prepare students for their exams.

Hence, a student often finds himself lost in an exam, as he is unable to apply what he has learnt in school to answer exam questions.

Our solution:

At Ideas Ink, we build upon the introduction to a subject that school has started, and focus on directly preparing students for their exams.

Our modules are developed through reverse-engineering the grading structures of exam papers, and translating them into clear objectives for each subject.

Each students is then equipped with the knowledge and skills to achieve these objectives, effectively preparing him for an exam.

"We are overwhelmed by increasing demands"

Today, admittance into a top junior college or university is impossible with academic perfection alone, and students need to be outstanding in their co-curricular activities as well. These increasing pressures are causing many students to be overloaded both mentally and physically before even achieving a proper academic foundation.

Our solution:

At Ideas Ink, we create customized learning plans based on each student's needs. Each session is also effectively arranged around each student's unpredictable schedule, and not the other way around, allowing him to excel in other essential activities without ever worrying about his results.

"School is impersonal."

The one-size-fit-all classroom format in school makes it impossible to address and care for the unique needs of every single student. As a result, many students are forced to ignore their personal needs and forced to take default approaches that just do not work for them. This often results in students lagging behind in school and eventually giving up.

Our solution:

At Ideas Ink, every student is assessed and paired with a teacher that best matches his personality, giving him a highly personal learning experience. A customized learning plan is also designed for him, allowing him to reach his maximum potential by taking care of his unique needs.

"Discipline only works for awhile"

Education in school is often presented to students as a matter of discipline. Students might not fully understand the importance of education, but are pushed to "just do it" for the sake of securing their future. While discipline may seem to work at first, the ongoing struggle often leads to students being unable to sustain their efforts, and students often up with even more resentment towards studying.

Our solution:

At Ideas Ink, we believe in motivation instead of discipline. Instead of telling students to hold on "for their own good", we make learning both an entertaining and engaging experience, through which a student understands the purpose of education, and enjoys the process. In fact, many of our students look forward to attending our classes, and even develop a love of the subjects they used to resent.

"Tuition feels like a repeat of school"

Many students feel that tuition is conducted in the same way as classes in school, resulting in the same boredom and problems. In addition, group tuition usually results in their personal needs being insufficiently addressed, and private tuition is often both expensive and limited in resources.

As a result, many students feel that tuition adds to the problems they already have, without resulting in a significant improvement to their results.

Our solution:

Ideas Ink is a new category of tuition that fuses the best elements of group and private tuition and eliminates the tradeoffs. Sessions are competitively priced, resources are readily available at all times, and every session is conducted according to a student's personal needs.

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The Ideas Ink Approach:

The Student Success Blueprint

Through years of working with countless students with different strengths and weaknesses, we've discovered the patterns and trends that lead to a student's success and failure. This led us to develop a teaching solution that can be customized to every student's unique needs.

In other words, no matter how hopeless a student feels at school, or how far behind he thinks he is, we know exactly how to give him the results he needs.

A student's very first session with Ideas Ink begins with the Student Success Blueprint, a simple four step approach that reveals the exact steps he needs to take for outstanding academic success.

Step 1

Student Evaluation

We begin by evaluating a student's strengths and weaknesses, both in his knowledge of the relevant subjects and his approach to exam preparation.

Step 2

Effort-to-Results Timeline

This evaluation is then matches with specific Ideas Ink modules and session types. From there, a customized plan is created projecting both the time and effort required for a student to get the results he desires.

Step 3

Student-Teacher Pairing

Once the plan is created, the student is paired with a teacher who best matches his personality, allowing him to reach his maximum potential in the most personalized and efficient way possible.

Step 4

Highly Flexible Scheduling

To keep this plan sustainable, we give students the freedom to arrange sessions around their unpredictable schedules, while still adhering to their customized plan. This means that tuition convenient works around their lives, and does not add to the stress and rush of their already hectic lives.

In the circumstance where a student is unable to be there for a schedule session, he can easily arrange for a make up lesson with his tutor.

Want your very own Student Success Blueprint?

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The Ideas Ink System:

The 3 Pillars of Exam Success

As the education landscape becomes increasingly competitive, more and more information is being taught to students with the belief that more knowledge results in a smarter student.

Unfortunately, many students end up being overwhelmed by the overload of information instead and have difficulty processing all of it. Some students sacrifice quality of understanding for quantity of information in preparation for an exam, and others simply cannot memorize the sheer volume of information taught to them.

On top of this, only a fraction of the entire curriculum is actually tested in an exam, and the frustration of it all often causes students to lose interest in studying altogether.

At Ideas Ink, we address these issues through a comprehensive teaching structure, namely the organization, prioritization and application, retention and recall of knowledge.

Prioritization and Application

More important than simply trying to learn everything is to learn the right things, and crucially, how to correctly apply that knowledge in the context provided by the exam question.

At Ideas Ink, this has been accomplished by continuously researching and reverse engineering past exam papers, which allows us to identify topical trends and patterns, prioritize the order and depth of topics, and hence teach all topics in an exam-relevant manner.

This in turn provides students with the most efficient path of studying, as they are always geared towards exam relevance and readiness. No time is wasted on superfluous studying, freeing up much more time for them to pursue other areas of interest.

Retention and Recall

Knowing what to study and organizing it is useless if a student cannot remember and use the knowledge in an exam.

At Ideas Ink, instead of rote learning, where a student mindlessly memorizes as much information as he can, we teach using highly visual concepts that relates learning to a student's everyday life.

This way, concepts aren't just blindly accepted, but are highly relatable and understood. Details aren't temporarily retained through mechanical repetition, but embedded using highly effective yet simple memory techniques and triggers.

Like how a song can play in our heads an entire day without us needing to memorize it, Ideas Ink School students effortlessly remember all that's demanded of them, and automatically recall them in an exam setting.

Most students are afraid of the limited time they have in an exam, and combat this by rushing to begin solving a question as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, rushing often results in students misestimating the scope of a question, either getting stuck half way, or providing more information than necessary. Ironically, in both cases, the student ends up spending more time on each question, and often has problems completing the exam on time.

At Ideas Ink, we believe that speed isn't how fast a student begins working on a question, but how quickly and smoothly he completes it. Instead of rushing to start on a question, we train our students to slow down and to properly evaluate a question before he begins to work on it.

From there, a mixture of critical decision making methods and stress management technique smoothens the process in real-time as he works on a question.

Real-Time Evaluation

Solving exam questions are often not a perfectly linear process. Every step often splits into multiple possible paths, and a student has to decide on the correct path to take.

In an exam however, fear, uncertainty, and mental fatigue often make this evaluation process extremely difficult, often leading to students blanking out in an exam and skipping to the next question.

At Ideas Ink, our sessions involve training students to attach values to every path they can take while solving a question. The mastery of this weighted decision-making process allows for rapid decision making in a high-stress exam situation.

The FDR Analysis Method

The Framework, Details and Reenactment (FDR) technique is a time-tested evaluation process that allows you to determine the most efficient approach to solving a question before working on it.


The student analyzes the framework of a question through various key factors, determining the time and effort required to complete it.


The student takes this framework and detail, and reenacts the most efficient way he was trained in Ideas Ink School to solve it.


The student is made aware of the subtlety of question through a thorough evaluation of its detail.

Exam questions are often multi-layered, and making a single mistake often results in a chain reaction of error.

Carelessness is usually caused by an inefficient approach to solving questions. The longer, messier and more complicated a route towards a destination, the greater the probability for carelessness.

Preventing Careless Mistakes

At Ideas Ink, we train students to take the most efficient route possible to solving a question.

We've designed short, clean and simple processes to solve any variation of Chemistry question formats. The simplicity of these processes eliminate unnecessary steps and details that often lead to carelessness, resulting in unprecedented accuracy.

In the case where a careless mistake is indeed made, it isn't hidden in a mess of solutions, and stands out clearly when a student checks through his exam paper.

How are Ideas Ink Lessons Priced?

Unlike most tuition centers that charge varying rates from level to level, Ideas Ink sessions are priced the same across all levels.

We recognize that every level of secondary school has a different set of demands, and that students need different skill sets and approaches from year to year.

For example, while there is less theory in lower secondary, there is often a greater variety in the way that theory is tested. At Ideas Ink, we structure each level according to its respective contexts and demands, equipping each student with the exact skills he needs to attain success at every step.

Ideas Ink sessions are priced competitively from $80 per 1.5hr sessions, making costs affordable and predictable from year to year.